Paris, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm - Europe: what plan to get out of the impasse? A question that is even more pertinent to the period 60 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Andrea Goldstein, Managing Director of Nomisma, discusses this with Agnès BENASSY-QUÉRÉ, President-delegate of the Council on Economic Analysis, Pervenche BERÈS, European Deputy (PS), and Olaf HENRIKSON-BELL, Embassy of the United Kingdom, in the framework of the Printemps de l'Economie series at the Lycée Turgot, 69 rue de Turbigo.

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The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome takes place in a rather complicated context - Brexit, elections in France, the Trump Administration, growing tensions with Turkey. Is the option of a variable-speed Europe, relaunched at the four-country summit at Versailles on 6 March, the same as admitting that integration at 27 is no longer possible? Upon what bases does it make sense to put together groups operating at different speeds and who will participate in them? In a Eurozone that is already moving at different speeds today, what can Italy do to shake off the black jersey it has been wearing for years? These topics are being discussed in Bologna on March 29 at Nomisma, on occasion of the presentation of the volume "Né Centauro e Chimera - Modesta proposta per un’Europa plurale” (Neither Centaur nor Chimera - Modest proposal for a pluralized Europe) by Antonio ARMELLINI and Gerardo MOMBELLI (ed. Marsilio).


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Bologna, Nomisma Meeting Hall, 4:30 pm - The future of the European Monetary Union, together with immigration, dominates the political-economic debate and the electoral platforms of the candidates for leadership of the major European countries. Aware of how important and current the topic is, the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna and Nomisma has invited Paul de Grauwe, professor at the London School of Economics, to conduct the first EU lecture. Professor De Grauwe, one of the world's foremost experts on the European economy, is talking about the future of the Euro and his presentation will be followed by a debate, moderated by Alessandro Merli, in which Romano Prodi and Debora Revoltella, among others, will participate.


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Bologna, Nomisma Meeting Hall, 5:30 p.m. - After the historic referendum vote, what are the next stages of the divorce between the UK and the European Union? What is the now famous Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty? How will the banking regulatory authority react? What decisions will Scotland make? What are consequences for Italy?

Andrea Goldstein, Managing Director of Nomisma, is discussing these issues with Orlando Justin Frosini, Professor of Constitutional Law at Bocconi University and SAIS-JHU, Sergio Lugaresi, Member of the Banking Stakeholder Group of the European Banking Authority, and Pietro Manzini, Full Professor of European Union Law of the University of Bologna.

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Bologna, Nomisma Conference hall, at 1:15 P.M.- Europe is going through a very difficult phase and the British referendum of June 23 is likely to further aggravate the crisis. What are the issues involved in the debate that is taking place across the Channel? What do the polls say? What are the political and economic consequences for the UK of voting against the EU? And how would the balance in Europe change if London were to leave the EU?

Christopher Prentice, British Ambassador to Italy, Fabrizio Coricelli of the Paris School of Economics, and Erik Jones, Director of European and Eurasian Studies at SAIS Bologna, will engage in a discussion moderated by Andrea Goldstein, Nomisma’s Managing Director.

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Bologna, Nomisma Meeting Hall, at 5:00 p.m. - May is the month of Europe, in which Germany increasingly seems to be the giant. Yet the Continent is questioning the will and the capacity of Berlin to face the challenges that are weakening the EU project.

Doubts are cropping up even in Italy, where, however, the knowledge and understanding of our most important economic partner remain inadequate.

This will be discussed with Ambassador Sergio Romano, columnist for the Corriere della Sera and author of “Berlino capitale”, Francesco Cancelleto, Director of and author of “Factor G. Why the Germans are right”, Gabriele D'Ottavio, from the Italo-German Historical Institute of Trento, and Konrad Westrick, founder and CEO of Konrad Westrick Ltd. and expert in European-German business cooperation. Moderated by Andrea Goldstein, Managing Director of Nomisma.



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Bologna, Magnani Palace, Unicredit headquarters, 5:30 PM - What is Europe's role in the global economy in this 21st century? How is the (new) Community industrial policy articulated? Franco Mosconi addresses these issues in his book "The New Industrial Policy and the European Manufacturing Renaissance" which will be presented during an event organised by Nomisma and Unicredit.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015 00:00

17 September 2015 - European Architects Network

Milan, Torri Garibaldi, at 11.00 – The European Architects Network gathers prestigious architecture realities of the world located in major European capitals. The network members meet every six months to coordinate activities, to define strategies and discuss about the opportunities offered by the different local realities. Marco Marcatili, Nomisma’s economist will participate at the meeting.

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What scenarios for Greece after the referendum and the extraordinary European Council? New plan, gradual exit from the Euro, or a dramatic Grexit? And what are the implications for Europe and Italy?

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Rome, National Administration School, 3:00 p.m. - Sergio De Nardis, Nomisma’s chief economist, is presenting the report "Stagnation and investment policy in Europe".

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