6 December 2016 - Soft Power, Made in Italy and Italian Lifestyle in the world – What role for gastronomy?

Food, cooking, wine and gastronomic culture are increasingly perceived as instruments of foreign policy and economic diplomacy. They are as much an expression of national values as are the landscape, architecture, literature, cinema or fashion of a country. A soft power tool, but also a powerful lever in order to promote the export of goods and services, not just those related directly to the table and food. Which policies should be applied in order to promote and valorize Italy’s gastronomic heritage? What role should the various actors play? What can be learned from international best practices?

These issues will be discussed at the conference "Soft Power, Made in Italy and Italian Lifestyle in the world - What role for gastronomy?" organized by Nomisma and to be held on 6 December in Bologna, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. This event comes just days after the inaugural Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, in which operators, experts, foreign diplomats and players from restaurants and agribusiness are participating.


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