21 June 2017 - Land and oxen from your own villages

Despite the economic crisis, globalization and the digital revolution, does it still make sense for businesses to invest in the territory? Yes, because the territory could even provide an unexpected competitive advantage for the business. This is not a matter of philanthropy, but of setting up a virtuous cycle that allows the territory and the business to grow together in a sustainable way.
As evidenced by cases such as Dallara and Eataly, the territory extends beyond the geographical boundaries of the place of origin of the business or the physical area in which it operates.
Marco Magnani explores the factors that today determine the success or decline of a territory and its businesses and is speaking about this at Nomisma Incontri on June 21. Giampaolo Dallara and Oscar Farinetti tell about their visionary projects; Patricia Battilani illustrates how Italian industry has historically invested in the territory.


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