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Value-added solutions to support decision-making

Nomisma’s Real Estate division has more than 35 years of activity to its credit, and its experience in the market enables it to perceive sudden changes in the scenario, interpret the evidence collected also in a forward-looking perspective, and offer a full range of value-added solutions, decision-support tools and consulting services to support the decision-making processes and the cognitive and business needs of real estate operators.

Analyses, technical services and consulting
for the real estate market

Thanks to proprietary databases and information assets that are unique in terms of their completeness and timeliness combined with the solid experience and expertise of its team of dedicated analysts, Nomisma enjoys a well-established reputation among the real estate community as an indispensable partner for the provision of economic analyses, technical services and advisory services.

Furthermore, the trends which define real estate values must be interpreted in the context of economic dynamics combined with the structural changes that are affecting the global market as well as the Italian market, though with different timing and intensity, profoundly modifying the demand and contributing to the innovation of the products and services offered.

A privileged observatory for gaining insights into the market

With its expert monitoring of the Italian market, the Real Estate Observatory conducted by Nomisma represents an acknowledged point of reference and an indispensable tool for decision-makers and operators in the sector (investors, developers, real estate portfolio managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, SIIQs and unlisted real estate companies, SGRs, consulting firms, public institutions, territorial authorities, and corporations).

Numerous solutions and services aimed at investors and asset managers have originated from the Observatory’s experience, ranging from portfolio analysis to impact analysis, from designing valorization processes to sustainability assessment, as well as assistance with the commercialization of residential and corporate real estate.

some of our solutions
for the Real Estate sector

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