Nomisma, economic research company, was founded in Bologna in 1981 as a limited company, upon the initiative of Nerio Nesi and Francesco Bignardi, then president and general manager of BNL.

The two founders gained the support of the major Italian banks and several international banks and entrusted the coordination of the research to Romano Prodi, then Professor of Economics and Industrial Policy at the University of Bologna.

Over the years, several prominent academics and economists have alternated in the roles of coordinating research and consultancy activities, providing continual impetus to the company. They include: Patrizio Bianchi, Sebastiano Brusco, Nicholas Cacace, Alberto Clò, Paolo De Castro, Fabio Gobbo, Gian Maria Gros Pietro, Gianni Lorenzoni, Alberto Quadro Curzio, Luigi Prosperetti, Gualtiero Tamburini.

More than 30 years after its establishment, supported by more than 70 shareholders investing in the company and thanks to the daily work of over 50 professionals, Nomisma confirms and reinforces its commitment and investments in its historical role as a monitor and interpreter of trends in the sectors of the real economy.

In ancient Greek, the word “Nomisma” signifies the “real value of things”. Inspired by the origin of its name, for over 30 years, Nomisma has been known as a leader in the market of economic studies and consulting on the issues of the real economy, offering ideas, numbers and methods. 

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