23 November 2015 - "Next stop: tomorrow" - The potentials of the territory resulting from the Mediopadana station

Reggio Emilia - Loris Malaguzzi International Centre - Via Bligny 1/a in Reggio Emilia. - 3:00 PM - Two years after the opening of Reggio Emilia’s Mediopadana high-speed train station, it is necessary to ask questions about the role and the future prospects of this railway station and how it can help support Reggio’s economic development within a perspective of virtuous interdependence with other metropolitan areas of the country.
The findings from the study by Nomisma will form the basis for discussion of the Conference "Next stop: tomorrow", sponsored by Car Server in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and Iren Renewables. Participating in the debate, among others, will be Professor Romano Prodi, Minister of Infrastructure Graziano Delrio, and Nomisma’s Managing Director Giulio Santagata.

For further information, map and other contents, please consult the website www.prossimafermatadomani.it


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