20 November 2015 – Professional refresher course for experts in compliance procedures

Vicenza - The objective of the course, organised by OAPPC of Vicenza in collaboration with the Order of Engineers, the Board of Surveyors, and Appraisers of the Province of Vicenza, is to provide expert appraisers with specific knowledge in order to conduct their activities in full compliance with regulations, in support of the judge, according to procedures that are coordinated with the various professionals who act for the court in the case of enforcement.

Elena Molignoni, economic analyst of Nomisma, will be speaking during the afternoon session entitled "The status of occupancy of the property, liens and expenses”. The topic of Nomisma's presentation is the positioning of the market of real estate enforcements compared to the free market, with the aim of focusing on the many variables influencing the markets, which in turn require ongoing monitoring in order to increase their efficiency and attractiveness.


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