September 9, 2016 - All the figures of Italian Organic

Bologna Trade Fair, sala Notturno - Services Center, 1st Floor, Block D – at 4:00 p.m.- Presentation of the data of the SANA Observatory 2016 conducted by Nomisma with support from ICE and presentation of the data from SINAB - Italian Ministry of Agriculture and ISMEA. Silvia Zucconi, Coordinator of the Agriculture and Food Industry unit of Nomisma, is presenting "Organic food purchasing in Italy, USA and Canada - motives, needs, preferences, modes and locations of organic purchases".

The SANA Observatory 2016, sponsored by ICE and conducted by Nomisma in collaboration with Federbio and Assobio, is the tool that allows the monitoring of the key figures of the organic sector, from production to market dimension.
The SANA Observatory is a unique information resource - 2,500 interviews with consumers in 3 markets in order to monitor the opportunities in a sector that has been growing for over a decade.
The SANA Observatory is a monitoring tool for institutions, professionals and media as it offers innovative in-depth analyses based on original insights for evaluating opportunities for Made in Italy organic products in domestic as well as international markets

The 2016 in-depth analyses, thanks to support from ICE, are dedicated to assessing the competitive positioning in foreign markets.
The 2016 Observatory presents the dimensions of the exports of Italian organic food products in addition to the results of the survey conducted by Nomisma exclusively for ICE-SANA on consumers in the US and Canada in order to assess the perception and reputation of Made in Italy organic products. The analyses of the 2016 Observatory don’t only focus on international markets: at SANA 2016 Nomisma is presenting the data from the Italian consumer survey, which every year presents the tracking of the main trends in consumer behavior in the domestic market.


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