30 September 2016 - Lessons on meridionalism

Photo by Benito La Malfa

Bologna, Nomisma Meeting Hall, 10:00 a.m. - A North / South gap continues to divide Italy, making it even more difficult to relaunch the growth process following the Great Depression. But can we speak of the South as a homogeneous area? What does the Southern question mean in the current context? What are the priority actions to be undertaken? What contribution can the Pact for the South make?

This will be discussed at the presentation of "Lessons on meridionalism, North and South in the history of Italy", edited by Sabino Cassese for the Guido Dorso Center (Il Mulino 2016). Participating in the discussion with the editor will be Emanuele Felice, Professor of Economic History, University of Chieti and Pescara; Francesco Pigliaru, President of the Sardinia Region; Romano Prodi, President of the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation, and Concetta Rau, Head of Nomisma’s Unit on Industry and Support to the PA. Andrea Goldstein, Managing Director of Nomisma, will be moderating.

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