9 September 2014 – Conference "Creating social value, together"

Bologna - FARETE, BolognaFiere, 2.30 p.m. – The conference aims to examine in depth a new models of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) starting from the content of the agreement signed recently between Nomisma and Banca Prossima in order to promote the development and dissemination of innovative management models of non-profit organizations, and to contribute to the improvement of CSR as well as to enable Public Authorities to better address their actions, by promoting the development of an efficient social planning for the Third Sector.

Speakers: Alberto Vacchi, Chairman of Unindustria, Giulio Santagata, Chief Executive Officer for the strategic development of Nomisma, Marco Morganti, CEO of Banca Prossima, Romano Prodi, Chairman of the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation, Federica Guidi, Minister of Economic Development (confirmation pending).


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