5 March 2015 – Galileo Project - New value to energy requalification

Milan,  at 9.30  – Elena Molignoni of Nomisma is participating with the speech “The impact of energy requalification on the value of real estate”.

Versalis ENI has created the "Galileo Project" with the aim to promote their products for thermal insulation from end-users.

The project is on the market as an unprecedented innovation as for the first time large companies from different sectors and a non-profit foundation, united by the common goal of promoting energy conservation, have been coordinated in a major project operating under transparent and shared methods.

The goal of energy conservation in buildings, for which the thermal and in particular the so-called "insulation" is an important contribution, is undoubtedly a priority at Italian and European level, evidenced by an impressive body of laws which includes Community Directives, national laws and, not least, the tax incentive in place since 2007, and repeated until the current year. Despite the economic and environmental importance of these issues, with a possible major impact on the income statement of the families and on the consumption of fossil fuels and the consequent effects on greenhouse gas emissions, in Italy the road ahead is still long.

The first objective of the project is thus to promote among homeowners - and those acting on their behalf for the design -, energy saving through the most popular insulation system, the so-called "coat", internationally known by the initials "ETICS" ( External Thermal Insulation Composite System).


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