1st July 2015 – Young Millennials Monitor – Gambling & Youngsters

Bologna, Nomisma Conference Hall, at 11.00 - Nomisma, in collaboration with University of Bologna, presents the results of the survey that involved 13,000 high school students.

Nomisma, in the framework of its research and economic consulting activities, has always been committed to providing a contribution to the interpretation of the economic and social transformations of our country.

It is in this perspective that, since 2009 Nomisma’s Observatory on Gambling & Youngsters aims at ensuring continuous monitoring of the economic and regulatory structure as well as the dynamics of the various gambling segments, together with the detection of teenager’s’ behaviours and relationships with the gambling world.

Today, with Gambling & Youngsters - Young Millennials Monitor, the Observatory shows two innovative factors.

First, the multi-disciplinary approach to the phenomenon. Nomisma has indeed launched a partnership with the University of Bologna to explore all the dimensions of the gambling phenomenon.

Second, a single database that allows to track the gambling habits and behaviour of youngsters.

During the school year 2014/2015 it has been developed, in fact, a survey that has involved high schools and the participation of over 13,000 youngsters, aged between 14 and 19 years.

The results of Gambling & Youngsters - Young Millennials Monitor will be presented on July 1 (11:00 am) at Nomisma’s Conference Hall (Strada Maggiore, 44 – Bologna - Italy).

Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia Romagna Region, will participate at the event.

The presentation of the results will be followed by a panel discussion with privileged speakers focused on encouraging the debate and aiming at outlining possible policy interventions.

The event is open and free until all places available have been filled. Confirmation of participation is welcomed.


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