Osservatorio della cooperazione agricola italiana - Rapporto 2015

The Observatory on Italian Agricultural Cooperation is established within the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy under the law n. 231 2005 and is supported by the four organizations representing and protecting the interests of agrifood cooperative enterprises (Agci-Agrital, Fedagri Confcooperative, Legacoop Agroalimentare and Unicoop).

The Observatory represents an instrument for in-depth analyses of the cooperative phenomenon in the national agrifood system, periodically publishing qualified and updated information.  In continuation oftheactivities that have been carried out by the Observatory since 2005, the 2015 Report allows reconstructing an updated analytical framework on foreign and Italian agri-food cooperation, identifying the economic dimensions and role played by the latter in the national agri-food system.

The report also updates the comparative analysis of the financial performance of cooperative enterprises and capital to the 2011-2013 period, as well as offers a new interpretation of the " cooperative-member" relationship through the development of three case studies in cooperation with important second degree structures. The study concludes with an in-depth analysis of the economic role and behavior of the agri-food cooperatives in international markets.
Through analysis of official data and the valuable input of results from direct surveys, the Observatory continues pursuing its aim of developing original and extensive information assets on the form of cooperative enterprises in the Italian agri-food system, providing the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy, institutions and all industry stakeholders with a stock of knowledge that can stimulate thought and guide choices during the definition phase of sectoral policy.


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