Households and housing. Old dreams and new realities

Nomisma’s first Instant Book is based on considerations developed by the real estate and urban strategies unit. The long crisis, which has heavily affected real estate and construction, has necessitated the search for new models to interpret reality in order to find new directions and innovative ways to ensure widespread and sustainable well-being. The book is aimed at presenting an innovative view of the relationship between households and housing and opening up to public debate the issues and challenges that have profoundly changed some development paradigms. This book arises from the opportunity to draw on the results of the survey of Italian households, conducted by Nomisma since 2008, and which provides an accurate, extensive and sometimes surprising picture. The book seeks to capture the signs of change and define their scope. The first chapter describes the structural changes that households are facing, the second explains how the changes are reflected in the relationship between Italians and housing, the third presents a reflection on how the conditions and positions of households are being reconfigured and how housing is one of the elements that determines the new structure of these same households.

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