• Analysis of the social and economic relevance of sectors and production value chains
• Monitoring of changes in the production system
• Internationalisation and positioning processes in foreign markets
• Preparation of strategy documents for businesses and trade associations
• Economic and financial analyses of businesses and sector benchmarks
• Impact assessments of changes to national and European regulations
• Analysis, evaluation and planning of policies and programmes for growth in sectorial/regional/local contexts

• Evaluation of the relationship between production sectors and the financial system
• Analyses of the credit system
• Evaluation of companies, company branches and business assets
• Market analyses

• Analysis and monitoring of the market
• Identification of professional and training needs of companies
• Forecasts regarding the labour force and employment at national and local levels
• Monitoring and evaluation of plans and programmes

• Creation and management of economic Observatories on the system of cooperatives
• Creation of original data banks on the phenomenon of cooperatives
• Ad hoc economic and financial analyses of cooperative businesses (with evaluation of cooperative balance sheets and effects on the cost structure and financial positioning)
• Analyses of the governance of cooperative businesses
• Impact evaluation of national and EU policies on cooperative businesses
• Analysis of economic trends
• In-depth analysis of specific issues (integration and concentration, credit, internationalisation, distinctive characteristics of the cooperative model, governance models, etc.)
• Strategy documents for businesses and trade associations

• Evaluation of social and economic role of intellectual professions
• Identification of professional profiles required by the labour market
• Analysis of professional prospects in the light of changing scenarios

• collection and interpretation of data from institutional sources (national and International)
• Planning and implementation of Observatories
• Balance sheet analyses (at firm level or aggregated by sector/economic system)
• Direct surveys of economic operators and consumers
• Macroeconomic forecasts
• Business and marketing plans
• Industrial plans
• Stakeholder analysis
• Technical and scientific organisation of conferences and workshops

Business and Labour Projects
To view the different fields of analyses and services offered by the Business and Labour unit, a list of most relevant projects can be downloaded.


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