Iran Observatory

osservatorioIRAN logoThe July 2015 Vienna Agreement has reopened the Iranian market to international business. Italy is eager to regain the market shares it lost following the tightening of sanctions in 2011 which benefitted competitors such as China, India and Turkey. Nomisma, in collaboration with LS Lexjus Sinacta and Nomisma Energia, is responding to the needs of economic operators with a new initiative -  ongoing monitoring of the Iranian market and its business opportunities within the broader perspective of regional integration, events for in-depth discussion and analyses, and consulting activities.

The Newsletter of the Observatory

The Observatory publishes a free fortnightly Newsletter in Italian with contents of an economic and legal nature. The Newsletter is organized into the following sections:

  • updates on the political situation;
  • economic trends, with particular attention focused on the main macro variables;
  • developments in the hydrocarbons sector (production, investment, regulations);
  • regulatory and institutional reforms;
  • major structural reforms, particularly privatization;
  • monitoring of public procurement, trade fairs, missions, etc.

The Newsletter:

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