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The Advisory Board of the Real Estate and Urban Strategies Unit offers strategic advice in order to create and promote new market opportunities, as well as to define specific strategic directions in the field of Real Estate.

Currently the activities of the Real Estate and Urban Strategies Division of Nomisma are developed within three organisational units devoted to real estate valorisation, assessment and monitoring of real estate, and urban strategies and local development, respectively.

Gualtiero Tamburini (Idea Fimit) is the Coordinator of the Advisory Board and Marco Marcatili (Nomisma) is the Secretary. At present, the members of the Advisory Board include: Anna Gervasoni (AIFI), Carlo Puri Negri (Aedes), Massimiliano Marzo (University of Bologna), Stefano Magnolfi (CRIF). Luca Dondi dall’Orologio, as the Head of the Real Estate division of Nomisma, will participate in the work of the Advisory Board.

Members of the Advisory Board

Gualtiero Tamburini is the President of IdeaFimit SGR SpA and docent of applied economics at the International Telematic University UniNettuno. He worked with Nomisma from 1987 until 2011, holding the office of Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman of the Scientific Committee. He founded and directed Nomisma’sObservatory on the real estate market.

Anna Gervasoni is the General Director of AIFI, the Italian association of equity, venture capital and private debt.  She played an active role in founding the Carlo Cattaneo University (LIUC) and is currently Full Professor of Economics and Business Management, holding the professorships of  "Economics and Business Management" and "Business Finance". She is in charge of the University’s Master specialisation in private equity, "Master in Merchant Banking: Private Equity, Finance and Business", and is President of the Private Equity Monitor PEM® and the Venture Capital Monitor VEM®, observatories of the market for risk capital. At the Cattaneo University, she is also in charge of the Centre for Research on Transport and Infrastructure (CRMT).  She is an independent advisor to Fondo Italiano Investimenti SGR, Banca Generali S.p.A and Sol SpA.

Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri is the President of Augusto S.p.A (Head of group) and Aedes S.p.A. He currently holds the office of President of Fratelli Puri Negri S.A.p.A, S.A.C.R.A. S.p.A. and Sator Immobiliare SGR S.p.A., and is a Board Member of Sator S.p.A., Banca Profilo S.p.A., and Aon Italia S.p.A. In 1988 he joined the Pirelli Group, where he remained for 21 years. In 1991 he became the Managing Director and Vice President of Milano Centrale (renamed Pirelli RE following listing in 2002). In 1996 he was nominated as acting Vice President of Camfin S.p.A. and joined the Board of Directors of Pirelli S.p.A.; in 1999 he became Associate Partner in Pirelli & C. Sapa (Head of Group). In 2003 he assumed the role of Vice President of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. In March 2009 he left Pirelli RE and in 2010 he also left all other positions within the Pirelli Group and Camfin. In the recent past he has held positions in various companies, including Artemide Group S.p.A., Aon Italia S.p.A., Capitalia S.p.A., Olivetti S.p.A., Permasteelisa S.p.A., and Telecom S.p.A. (C), and in the following foundations: Hangar Bicocca, Assoimmobiliare, the European Institute of Oncology, and the Pirelli Foundation. He was a member of the International Real Estate Advisory Board of Harvard University.

Massimiliano Marzo is an Associate Professor of Macroeconomics and Financial Engineering for Asset Management, Department of Economic Sciences, University of Bologna. He is the author of various international publications in the field of macroeconomics and finance, with particular regard to macroeconomic forecasting models and portfolio management. He is currently an independent member of the Boards of Unifortune Asset Management, Sgr, Finorefici SIM and Factorcoop, as well as a member of the Management Board of Manutencoop Facility Management SpA. He has engaged in consulting activities for numerous Italian and foreign credit institutions and financial operators in the field of asset management. He is a columnist for the Corriere di Bologna, the local page of the Corriere della Sera.

Stefano Magnolfi is Director of the Real Estate Services business unit of CRIF. A speaker at numerous conventions and conferences, he is also active within associations. He contributed to the establishment of ASSOVIB – the Association of Independent Real Estate Valuation for Banks; within ANCIC, he is a member of the Board of Arbitrators and heads the real estate technical committee.

Marco Marcatili is head of the “Urban Strategies and Local Development” unit. He is involved in studying the evolution of economic systems, particularly with regard to urban contexts and territorial changes, and in assisting local systems in formulating strategic development plans in a European context. He coordinates research projects and engages in management consulting focused on economic development and related local urban renewal, connectivity and sustainability.

Marco Marcatili
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T. +39 051 6483329

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