• Analyses of local real estate markets
• Analyses, monitoring and consultancy related to evaluation of territorial and real estate impacts
• Supply of data on the property values, characteristics and economic and social trends of real estate markets.
• Econometric forecasts of real estate values
• Analyses of needs and socio-economic contexts
• Analyses and evaluation of development policies
• Strategic and operational consultancy for public-private partnerships

• Provision of real estate values
Monitoring and forecasting through creation and utilisation of databases on real estate indices and forecasts
Technical assistance according to Basel II regulations
Valorisation of cadastral documents
Evaluations aimed at identifying market values of real estate properties

• Economic and financial analysis
• Verification of investments
• Definition of business strategies and informational support for the management and valorisation of real estate assets
• Analysis of the impact of investments to increase the value of real estate
• Evaluation of the technical, economic and financial feasibility of investment projects and related financing measures

• Estimation of potential demand for a social housing project
• Evaluation of economic sustainability of social housing investments
• Definition of the functional mix for the planning of complex interventions
• Estimation of housing need and definition of policy guidelines
• Monitoring of social housing investments at national level

Newsletter Social Housing

• Estimation of maintenance requirements linked to the real estate life-cycle
• Combined evaluation of technological and energy retrofitting interventions of existing real estate assets
• Optimisation of efficiency through increased sustainability performance levels
• Decision support systems for interventions in real estate assets related to valorisation strategies
• Financial sustainability of intervention plans related to valorisation strategies

• Management of databanks on real estate values
• Scenario setting and strategic evaluations for public and private organisations
• Data collection through pre-selected focus groups and sample surveys
• Constitution and implementation of permanent observatories and databanks
• Analyses of data derived from sample surveys of households and businesses
• Cost-benefit analyses in order to evaluate private and/or public investment projects
• Data gathering and database management
• Monitoring, analyses, evaluations
• Econometric forecasting models of the real estate market
• Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
• Technical evaluations of real estate assets
• Analysis of economic and financial sustainability

Real Estate Projects
It is possible to download a list of the most representative projects implemented by the working group, according to field of analysis and type of service offered by the Real Estate operational unit


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