About Us


About Us

Nomisma is an independent company offering sectoral and territorial studies, economic research and market intelligence, evaluations, decision support tools, strategic advisory and consulting services. Solid multidisciplinary skills and consolidated experience in the interpretation of economic phenomena, impartiality and reliability are the values that have always guided Nomisma's activities.

A multidisciplinary team

Through an organization of more than 50 professionals and an extensive network of highly qualified consultants operating both in Italy and abroad, Nomisma is continually engaged in providing innovative responses and targeted solutions to support the decision-making processes and cognitive and business needs of more than 500 companies, associations and public institutions.

Our History

Founded in Bologna in 1981 upon the initiative of Nerio Nesi and Francesco Bignardi, who were then president and general manager, respectively, of BNL, and who entrusted the coordination of research activities to Romano Prodi, professor of Economics and Industrial Policy at the Alma Mater University of Bologna at that time. Nomisma’s work is inspired by the meaning of its Greek name: “the real value of things“.

Nomisma is now one of the leading players in the market for economic studies and consulting on real economy issues. Furthermore, over the years it has become a leading player in certain key sectors through the implementation of thematic Observatories that continually monitor trends and opportunities in certain market segments.
Why Nomisma

Nomisma's strengths as a respected research and consulting firm

  • Economic research and market intelligence
    Nomisma’s research and market intelligence activities permit the elaboration of current and forward-looking scenarios, providing an updated and comprehensive analysis of economic dynamics and phenomena involving public institutions, individual companies and associations, territories, sectors and supply chains.

    Nomisma’s research, studies and observatories rely on the systematized collection and expert analysis of open data integrated with proprietary information assets, direct market surveys and independent observations, offering an innovative framework for interpreting phenomena.
  • Strategic Advisory and Management Consulting
    Nomisma’s advisory and consultancy activities support clients in solving complex issues of a strategic or operational nature through highly customized and innovative solutions, capable of providing concrete support for decisions, the definition and implementation of business policies and strategies, the redefinition of processes and organizational models, as well as investment and internationalization decisions.

    Nomisma’s consulting services rely on the expert analysis and interpretation of open data integrated with extensive proprietary information assets, the results of surveys, research and original studies as well as alternative sources, combined with solid methodological expertise and an in-depth understanding of markets, sectors, territories and trend scenarios.

NE Nomisma Energia

Founded in 2006, NE Nomisma Energia is an independent energy and environmental research and consulting firm established to interpret and forecast the dynamics of global and domestic energy markets in order to provide the most extensive and effective strategic and operational support to its clients, both private and public.

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