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With more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector and a fully dedicated team of experienced experts, Nomisma provides companies, investors, pension funds, lending institutions, portfolio managers and public institutions with consolidated technical expertise, advanced methodologies and proprietary databases that allow it to offer a wide range of consulting services and customized solutions.

The solutions offered range from portfolio analysis to the design of valorization processes and evaluation of economic-financial sustainability, to technical assistance in the marketing of retail and corporate real estate.

Real estate assessments

Nomisma performs real estate assessments related to all market segments and sectors by referring to established appraisal methodologies and shared national and international standards.

Second Opinion / independent expert

Nomisma supports clients who need an independent opinion from a third party to verify the adequacy of the contents and the accuracy of the procedures used in assessments…

Evaluation of sustainability of real estate investments

Adopting the most advanced methodologies, Nomisma supports companies, investors, developers, pension funds, banking institutions and SGRs in assessing the economic sustainability of real estate development projects.

Technical and commercial advisory

Nomisma provides technical, economic, and commercial assistance for the valorization and strategic repositioning of retail and corporate real estate assets.

Nomisma Opera

Nomisma Opera is an arranger that supports and helps coordinate condominiums, planners, companies and banks nationwide in managing the procedural process leading to the disbursement of the 110% Superbonus (now reduced to 70%).

Technical consulting for businesses

Nomisma provides technical (economic, marketing, and organizational) support to beneficiaries of programs, funds, and financing, and engages in strategic technical consulting for both the public and private sectors.

Local Development Plans

Based on experience gained in different programming cycles, Nomisma supports Local Action Groups throughout the country in preparing Local Development Plans.

Strategic urban plans and large area plans

Nomisma provides expert support to territorial strategic planning activities for public clients (Metropolitan Cities, urban and rural areas, etc…) as well as for private initiatives.

Reorganization of Local Authorities

Nomisma provides expert support in the implementation of various functional actions for the reorganization of Local Authorities through the drafting of Feasibility Studies for mergers of municipalities and for the implementation and modification of unions of municipalities.

Urban Planning

Building on the experience gained in numerous projects developed throughout the country, Nomisma supports Municipal Administrations in the elaboration of General Urban Plans (PUG) within the dedicated Plan Office.

Technical assistance and evaluation of Structural Funds

Nomisma offers strategic and operational support to PA in activities related to the programming, management and governance of EU, national, regional and local programs and projects.

Evaluation of public policies

The evaluation activities are focused on policies of European, national, regional and local scope and seek to provide all the elements, useful for the identification of any constraints and issues that may represent an impediment to the optimal implementation of a Program or Plan.

Location for institutional events

Within its headquarters, Nomisma has an elegant hall available for conferences, conventions, business meetings, and press conferences. The hall has a seating capacity of 50 and is technologically equipped.

Valutazione e monitoraggio impatti investimenti

Tra i servizi messi a disposizione in ambito agrifood business, Nomisma offre la valutazione e il monitoraggio dei progetti di investimenti promozionali dei prodotti agroalimentari finanziati dall’Unione Europea. 

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