ESG and Sustainability

Building resilient business models and developing strong, positive and enduring relationships with stakeholders is a challenge for businesses. To face this challenge, the companies must adopt policies and strategies that are able to manage the environmental, climatic and social impacts of their operations and to be aligned with the complex legal and regulatory framework.
Nomisma, relying on its long history and experience, proposes highly specialized and customized solutions for SMEs, large companies, institutions and organizations and supports them in defining a path toward sustainability by helping them to identify objectives and strategies to improve their performance.

Offering customized services and consultancy
to meet the needs of any organization

Building a sustainable organization means creating shared value: value and competitiveness for the company and value for the environment, society and stakeholders. In a rapidly evolving scenario, businesses are called upon to play an increasingly central role, defining sustainability strategies and policies that can improve performance.

Nomisma is an ideal partner for all companies that have embarked on the road to sustainable transition, thanks to “tailor-made” consulting and solutions with high value added and technical content based on the needs of each industry.

our ESG and
sustainability solutions

Scopri le nostre soluzioni ESG
e sostenibilità

Come affrontare il cambiamento introdotto dalla nuova Direttiva CSRD e trasformarlo in un’opportunità di crescita per la tua azienda

Contatta Nomisma per scoprire soluzioni e servizi ESG altamente personalizzati e rivolti a grandi aziende e PMI interessate a intraprendere un percorso di sostenibilità.

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