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Targeted market solutions from NE Nomisma Energia

Founded in 2006 as a joint initiative between Nomisma SpA and its current managers, NE Nomisma Energia is an independent research and consulting company focused on energy and the environment with the objective of understanding and forecasting the dynamics of global and domestic markets to provide the broadest and most effective strategic and operational support to its clients, both private and public.

Energy research, services and consulting for public and private clients

NE Nomisma Energia’s services include, among others:

  • Market analysis reports and short-, medium- and long-term forecasts.
  • Assistance in renegotiating contracts.
  • Regulatory impact assessment and tariff scenario analysis.
  • Investment impact analysis and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Due diligence of energy facilities.
  • Energy-environmental-climate spatial planning.
  • Technical services related to Energy efficiency
  • Technical services related to the Emission Trading Scheme

Expert guidance on all energy and environmental issues

In an ever-changing context in which it is essential to have structured analysis and consulting support in the energy and environmental fields, NE Nomisma Energia is the ideal partner for private and public clients to which it offers expert guidance on energy and environmental markets (oil and derivatives, natural gas, coal, electricity, renewable sources, waste) and on issues related to energy efficiency, environmental certifications and emissions markets, environmental regulation and compliance, and energy-environmental certifications.


Quantek is NE Nomisma Energia’s Business Analytics company that creates customized, high value-added software solutions in the energy and environmental sectors.

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