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Research, services and consulting for the pharmaceutical market

Relying on innovative methodologies, advanced multidisciplinary skills gained over hundreds of projects carried out in the field and an integrated approach, Nomisma conducts research and analysis, economic consulting and strategic advisory activities for the pharmaceutical sector aimed at companies, associations and public administrations.

In-depth analyses and development scenarios

In order to provide targeted support to decision-making processes, whether of a strategic or operational nature, the solutions offered by Nomisma provide insights on industrial structure, import-export trends, revenues generated, employment absorption, internationalization processes, R&D investments, as well as additional variables of interest that can be further investigated through querying of public databases, the use of proprietary information and/or collection of information through direct surveys of companies.

Focus on thematic areas to support decision-making processes

In order to address knowledge and business needs, Nomisma is able to produce original insights into thematic areas such as, but not limited to:

  • the direct and induced impact generated by pharmaceutical companies on the territories where they are located;
  • economic, environmental and social sustainability;
  • positioning related to innovative pharmaceuticals;
  • attraction of investment;
  • incentive measures for R&D activities;
  • opportunities for develop of the industry and public policies.

some of our solutions
for the pharmaceutical industry

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