The research and intelligence activities carried out by Nomisma since 1981 allow the elaboration of current and prospective scenarios, providing an updated and comprehensive analysis of economic trends and phenomena involving public institutions, individual companies and associations, territories, sectors and supply chains. Nomisma’s research, studies and observatories are based on the systematic collection and expert analysis of open data integrated with proprietary information assets, direct market surveys and independent observations, offering an innovative framework for interpreting phenomena.

Real Estate Observatory

Provides a comprehensive, exhaustive and up-to-date overview of the Italian real estate landscape and is an indispensable tool for supporting the strategic and business decisions of subscribers.

Wine Monitor

Nomisma’s Observatory dedicated to the wine market, set up with the aim of helping companies and institutions in the Italian wine industry to correctly interpret market dynamics.

Agrifood Monitor

The first platform on Italian agribusiness that provides businesses and policymakers with the information they need to comprehend and interpret the dynamics of the agrifood sector.

Credit Card Observatory

The annual publication that offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of the payment instruments market and evolving trends that affect both supply and demand.

Against the Wind Observatory

Provides an up-to-date snapshot of the Italian manufacturing system, a branch that moves at two speeds with one group of companies driving development and the Italian economy.

Large-scale Consumer Goods Packaging Observatory

Nomisma’s Large-scale Consumer Goods Packaging Observatory is an indispensable tool for knowledge and insight into the packaging industry.

E-Mobility Observatory

Provides up-to-date information on smart, sustainable and electric mobility and monitors the changes taking place in the mobility market.

Mineral Water Monitor

This Observatory on the mineral water sector provides insight into changes in the market and consumption behavior, both nationally and internationally.

Spirits Observatory

Provides detailed and innovative analyses to understand market dynamics and new consumer behaviors and needs, nationally and internationally.

Observatory on Generic Medicines

The ongoing Observatory on Generic Medicines in Italy provides an overview of this continually evolving sector and applies a structured approach to studying its main trends.

Observatory on Agricultural Cooperation

The ongoing Observatory provides essential cognitive support for the strategic options of cooperative organizations, businesses and public decision makers.

LifeStyle Observatory

The Lifestyle Observatory is the original tool that monitors the behaviors, lifestyles and opinions of Italians.

Young Millennials Monitor

For more than 10 years, this Observatory has been interpreting the changes and trends in the socio-economic fabric of the country and, in particular, of young people born between 1989 and 1996.

GENZ Monitor

GEN Z Monitor is the Observatory set up to monitor and investigate the lifestyles of young people born after 1997. A unique tool for taking a snapshot of the habits of younger people.

Silver Age

This Observatory offers a glimpse into the lifestyles, habits, needs, new demands and concerns of the over-65 age group and their families.

Territorial studies and planning

Nomisma’s territorial studies are a tool that can support stakeholders in an individual city, metropolitan area, district or region who need to define possible ways to achieve their objectives.

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