Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence

The strategic and business decisions of companies today are primarily based on about 20% of available data. The remaining 80%, consisting of unstructured data, would provide further, different and complementary evidence. Processing and analyzing these data is therefore critical.
Nomisma’s Market Intelligence services allow integrating business decision-making and communication initiatives with elaborations derived from unstructured data, which are essential for the success of companies driven by the goal of achieving profitable growth in a global context of uncertainty.

Real Estate Values Database

Nomisma’s database is based on unique proprietary information assets, updated semi-annually, and provides timely information on sales prices and rents.

Real Estate Indicators Database

The database, which is updated semi-annually, systematically monitors the changes in the Italian real estate market and provides an update of the values of the main types of real estate over a long-term time horizon.

Forecasting Indicators Database

Nomisma provides a complete range of forecasting indicators with a three-year time horizon for the 107 Italian provinces. The values are related to sales prices.


An innovative Urban Data Intelligence solution that provides all the data needed for reliable and timely measurement of attractiveness, competitiveness and well-being of Italian territories.

Context Score

This is a highly effective geo-referenced tool that allows analyzing the level of attractiveness of the context in which a property is located.

Tourism Potentiality Score

Nomisma’s Tourism Potentiality Score is the tool that can provide a structured and reliable assessment of the attractiveness of tourism destinations.

Insights and forecasts to guide strategies

Nomisma supports the decision-making processes of companies, associations and institutions through detailed analyses of the main sectors of the economy and their impact on business.

Scenario analyses and forecasts

Nomisma is able to identify possible future scenarios and interpret them on the basis of advanced medium- and long-term macroeconomic analyses and forecasts…

Analyses of supply chains and sectors

Nomisma provides companies, associations and institutions with customized surveys on economic dimensions, structural and organizational specificities, drivers of change, consolidated and emerging trends.

Analysis of Countries and geographic areas

Nomisma supports companies, associations and institutions in deepening their knowledge of different country markets, performing desk analyses of key economic indicators and conducting direct surveys…

Product and brand intelligence

Nomisma supports companies in monitoring and refining their strategy for competitive positioning of their brand and individual products in their target market.

Customer and supply intelligence

With experience gained in multiple sectors, Nomisma serves as a partner of choice for companies in undertaking highly targeted processes of analysis aimed at addressing and enhancing strategic initiatives along the entire supply chain.

Competitors Intelligence

Nomisma acts as a partner of choice for companies in defining the most effective strategy of competitive positioning that is able to increase value for end customers.

Analysis of the risk of workplace stress in the business climate

With in-depth knowledge of business dynamics and processes, Nomisma supports companies, associations and entities along all stages of analysis of risk related to work-related stress (INAIL) and the business climate.

Lobbying, advocacy and public affairs

With its lobbying, advocacy and public affairs services, Nomisma offers a range of targeted solutions that are combined and fine-tuned based on the specific needs of clients.

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