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In 2012 Nomisma’s Observatory on the Real Estate Market celebrated its 25th anniversary. A significant milestone that would not have been possible to reach without the trust of the companies operating in the sector. A trust that we seek to honour, year after year, through a commitment aimed at providing the public administration, businesses and banks with reliable knowledge on the values, characteristics and economic and social trends of the real estate market.

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Wine Monitor

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Wine Monitor is Nomisma’s wine market intelligence tool, set up and designed to facilitate companies and institutions of the Italian wine industry understanding the dynamics of the market, both at national and global levels. Wine Monitor aims at supporting the wine business in undertaking internationalisation paths and in reshaping marketing strategies for the domestic market.

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Bologna, Nomisma Conference hall, at 5:30 PM - During the long economic crisis that has deeply affected the West and Italy even more since 2008, much has been said about macroeconomics, finance, taxes, deregulation, flexibility. Less about the role and responsibilities of businesses. In a book written with verve and not without controversial ideas, Anna Grandori affirms that the current crisis is a crisis of the institution of business, at least as much as it is a crisis of the market, and therefore we must start from there. Ten theses, presented in contrast to many "clichés", allow shedding light on the nature, organization and governance of businesses.
Nomisma, in collaboration with Il Mulino, hosts in its headquarters a discussion about these issues between the author and Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, President of the Scientific Committee of Nomisma, Andrea Goldstein, Nomisma’s Managing Director, and Edoardo Mollona and Francesco Vella from the University of Bologna.


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