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About us

Nomisma is an independent company that carries out economic research and consulting for businesses, associations and public administrations.

Active for over 35 years, Nomisma work is inspired by the meaning of its name, in ancient Greek the word “Nomisma” signifies the “real value of things”.

Nomisma has become a reference point in key sectors of the economy through the implementation of Observatories picturing dimensions and trends of the main market segments.

Competence, experience and authority are the values shared by the Nomisma team: over 50 professionals committed to giving innovative answers that operate every day thanks to the support of over 70 shareholders who invest in society today.

Skills, method, innovation, ability to interpret phenomena: Nomisma offers these values to its clients to give concrete support to cognitive and decision-making processes.

Nomisma offer

Nomisma services are divided into three types of offer to respond promptly and on ad hoc basis to the various requests of the client:


• Observatories

• Business Information and Market Intelligence.


Whether your need is to get advice, access data and analysis or receive strategic information for the growth of your business, Nomisma will be able to provide you with the right solution.


Nomisma Observatories represent a valuable tool for the client, as they offer the chance to access accurate analyzes on different market sectors. A series of information of high strategic value, therefore, indispensable for the correct evaluation of choices and actions to be pursued.


Business Information and Market Intelligence

Nomisma has the means and the skills to provide the client with the necessary answers to its business growth: through tools such as market analysis, customer survey and brand reputation study, the Company is able to give a detailed, essential picture to understand how act and which paths to take.